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Policy Aims and Objectives

This area of the web site will provide an overview of the guidance and policy that underpins this national road safety scheme.


‘The National Safety Camera Scheme is committed to stamp out death and serious injury on the roads. This will be achieved by taking a targeted approach to speed and traffic light enforcement at locations historically blighted by speed related crashes, where people have sadly been killed or seriously injured and by embarking on public information campaigns to raise the awareness of the risks associated with driving too fast.
Each Safety Camera Partnership is striving to achieve casualty reduction targets set out by Government in the year 2000. The Government expects local authorities to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on the roads by 40% by 2010, and to reduce the number of child casualties by 50% within the same time frame.
The Safety Camera Scheme will seek to achieve these targets by gaining the support of all road safety groups, bodies and professionals by way of an outreach program. This program will include working in partnership with all the key stakeholders who have a role to play in casualty reduction.’
All aspects of this web site are independent of Government.
The Scheme is backed by the Department for Transport. Information relating to the rules and guidance which underpin this scheme can be located


Information relating to the policy behind the Scottish Safety Camera Scheme should be directed to


‘These pages are dedicated to offering you the chance to look at all the publicity material and publications that have been designed both nationally and locally. The National Safety Camera Scheme is committed to offering transparent and open information at all times.
The work of NSCL focuses on offering information about the risks associated with speeding or driving too fast through specifically designed publicity material designed to encourage all road users to think about the way they use the roads in the UK.
By accessing this information freely, all road users have a unique insight into the work of the Safety Camera Scheme.’
Thank you.